At Kaitko, we have the best human resource the industry can offer. Kaitko is a big industry and we are certain you will fit in anywhere. As long as you qualify for the position, you will get the job.

Legendary reliability

If you’ve ever owned an Kaitko product, you know our reputation for legendary reliability is well-earned. For us, that reliability starts with the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into building every CNC machine tool we make. As the industry’s only single-source provider, the CNC machine, drive, motors, encoders, spindle, and control are all manufactured in-house.

This ensures that every lathe, machining center, and grinder is constructed to deliver decades of use on your shop floor. With the support of our vast and dedicated distribution network, we also have incredibly high customer service standards. That means when you face a manufacturing challenge, you’re never on your own. Because you’re part of the Kaitko family.


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Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particular logistics and forwarding needs, Kaitko’s Special Services team takes care of all your industry needs.

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With this high-speed, thermally stable horizontal machining center, you can have it all: unrivaled accuracy, increased productivity, and stress-free operation.


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To see a list of open positions at Kaitko, please visit www.kaitko.com/careers. Instructions for applying for a position can be found here as well.

To purchase an Kaitko machine tool, please contact your local Kaitko distributor. They will be able to assist in the selection of a machine to match your manufacturing needs and then provide information on pricing and delivery.

No. Kaitko users quickly find that the increased productivity, reduction of downtime, and overall process efficiencies combine to provide an outstanding – and in many cases quick – return on investment. We encourage cost of ownership evaluations, and in fact welcome you to contact us so we can help analyze this.

Yes. Kaitko and our distributors, plus our members of Partners in THINC, have medical industry experts with experience working on Advanced Manufacturing initiatives. We’ll provide a depth of machining knowledge to your team that can facilitate your path to FDA certification.

Kaitko machine tools are sold and supported by your local Kaitko distributor. For details about pricing, availability, and delivery, please contact them. For starting pricing on our Affordable Excellence Products, you can also visit this page.

What makes us special?

Over 42,000 dedicated employees, working in 17 regional clusters around the globe, deliver operational excellence.

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